Drägersorb® 400 soda limes are a range of products with a long tradition that have always been developed in line with our closed-circuit breathing apparatuses. This development resulted in high-tech equipment and absorbents that match perfectly and represent state-of the art technology.


The demanding very specific areas of  operation of the closed-circuit breathing apparatuses require an absorbent that  matches perfectly with these conditions. With Drägersorb® 400 Dräger Safety offers a high-quality soda lime for the absorbtion of carbon dioxide (CO2) in closed-circuit breathing apparatuses including the Dräger BG4 and, PSS BG4.


Drägersorb® 400 ensures the excellent performance of our equipment. Dräger Safety offers the unique combination of equipment and absorption know-how and is able to provide absorbents tailored to the respective applications. The unique pellet shape provides for low breathing resistance and long usage periods. Only a uniform shape ensures even filling of the cartridge resulting in a repro-ducible CO2 absorption. In addition the hemisherical pellet shape ensures high abrasion resistance and this reduced dust formation. Modern production lines guarantee high product quality that meets the latest market requirements.


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